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Here we will keep you up to date on all the latest Alegria Flamenco and Gastronomy shows and events. You will find all the details about the artists who visit us as well as the programs and schedules, so that you don’t miss anything. In addition, we will also talk about the origin, evolution and the different styles of this art that has so many variants today.

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Festival de flamenco en Málaga

Malaga Flamenco Festival 2024

Andalusia is especially known for its culture and art. Flamenco is the most popular Spanish musical genre in this area,...
tipos de palmas flamencas

Types of Flamenco Clapping

Maybe you’ve ever been to see a flamenco show and noticed how the performers clap their hands on stage. You...

What to see in the historic center of Malaga?

Malaga is one of the most touristic cities in Spain. Not only that, it is also one of the oldest...

The best known Andalusian flamenco artists


Get to know the history of flamenco: love, art and tradition

Watching a flamenco show is an indescribable experience and, as with all good things, it did not come about overnight,...

The 7 monuments in Malaga that you should visit once in a lifetime (or more)

Are you in tourism in Malaga and want to live this unique experience to the fullest? So, read on, we...
Flores de flamenca

These are the most used flamenca flowers (and how to wear them)

Typical food from Malaga

When we visit a place, it is normal to want to try the traditional dishes of that area. That’s why...

Flamenco shoes: what they look like and where to buy them

The shoes are a complement that cannot be missing when dancing flamenco, since the toe and heel are used to...

7 excursions in Malaga that will surprise you

Malaga has much more to offer than just beaches and sun for tourists. That’s why we reveal some excursions around...

The best flamenco guitarists of all time

It is difficult to make a list of the best flamenco guitarists without forgetting any of them. But here is...

Flamenco earrings

Flamenco earrings If you dressas a “sevillana”, you can never miss a good pair of flamenco earrings. Accessories are always...

Top tourist attractions in Malaga: Discover the province!

Top tourist attractions in Malaga: Discover the province! Sightseeing in Malaga is always an exciting experience. Malaga offers so many...

Malaga by night: The best plans

what to do in malaga

What to do in Malaga?

Malaga is known for its beaches, good weather, historical legacy, popular fair, flamenco and succulent dishes. This city is located...
espectáculo de zambombas flamencas

Zambombas Flamencas: Andalusian Christmas Tradition

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