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When we visit a place, it is normal to want to try the traditional dishes of that area. That’s why today we are going to explain the typical food of Malaga that you can’t miss on your table during your vacations in Andalusia.

Typical Malaga dishes

Malaga is rich in gastronomy and has top quality local products. From the fish brought directly from the sea, to its vegetables from the orchard, or its meats such as Malaga breed goat. Of course, there are so many dishes that you may not have time to try them all. Here are the most popular ones:

1. Sardine skewers

This is a popular dish that you can only taste in Malaga. These are sardines strung on thin, long reeds, which are grilled over firewood. It is common to find this recipe in beach bars or chiringuitos.

2. Porra antequerana

It is also known as cold truncheon. It is a cold soup typical of Antequera, which is made with tomatoes, bread, red bell pepper, olive oil, salt, vinegar and garlic. It is served with diced serrano ham and hard-boiled egg. A hearty and refreshing dish that is ideal for the hottest summer days.

3. Malaga salad

This salad typical of the province of Malaga is prepared a lot in summer, as it is light and refreshing. Its ingredients are potato, orange, cod, spring onion, olives and olive oil.

4. Ajoblanco

It is believed that the origin of ajoblanco comes from Al-Andalus and that it was a mixture of what the population had available at that time. This recipe contains bread crumbs, garlic, olive oil, vinegar, salt, water and almonds. Ajoblanco is eaten cold and in summer.

5. Fine shells or Malagueña clams

It is a variety of clams that can only be found on the coast of Malaga. They are orange in color and are usually grilled with a little salt, pepper and lemon. They are so tasty, you will eat them as if they were nothing.

6. Oxtail “rondeña” style

Another typical food of Malaga, especially in the area of Ronda, where there is a great bullfighting tradition. It is an oxtail stew whose sauce is made with wine, leek, carrots, onions and spices. It is always served with potatoes. There are also other variants that include peas, garlic or celery.

7. Roasted suckling goat

This dish is very typical in the Axarquia area. It is prepared with 100% native Malaga goat breed and exclusively milk-fed. This meat is obtained when the animal is only one month old. The meat is roasted and seasoned with rosemary, thyme, garlic, salt and olive oil. It is a very tasty and tender dish.

8. Eggplants with honey

A real treat you won’t be able to resist. They are fried eggplants with cane honey, a simple recipe, but that seduces any palate. You can find it in the bars of Malaga.

9. Bocadillo Campero

There is no Malagueño in the world who has not eaten one of these sandwiches in his life. It is a traditional food of the area and is made with a toasted mollete – a round bread. This one has chicken, ham, cheese, lettuce and mayonnaise. A snack for champions!

10. Plato de los Montes

It is a combination dish that will surely not leave you hungry. Generally, it usually carries pork loin, chorizo and migas, all accompanied with fried potatoes, egg and green peppers. Perfect to regain strength after a good hike.

11. Malaga olives

Another delicacy of these lands are the olives from Malaga. They are meaty and tasty, with a hint of vinegar. Try them as an appetizer with a “pajarete” wine – the typical sweet wine of Malaga – or a soft drink.

12. Crazy cakes

It is a typical dessert from Malaga that consists of puff pastry and pastry cream, covered with an orange glaze and with a subtle touch of cherry syrup. It will not leave you indifferent!


As you can see, the province of Malaga has authentic delicacies that captivate even the most demanding palate. So be sure to enjoy the typical Malaga food while you can.

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