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Flores de flamenca

The flamenco flowers are one of the basic elements of the flamenco dress, together with the manila shawl and the flamenco shoes. flamenco shoes. They give the dancer a feminine style, beautiful and full of personality..

On the other hand, and although the flamenco look has been reinvented in a thousand ways, there are some flowers that are more used than others and a specific way to wear them in the hair to succeed yes or yes with your flamenco styling:

The origin of flamenco flowers

Before we dive right in to discover which flamingo flowers to choose which flamenca flowers to choose we want to tell you the origin of this custom, or what is the same: why do flamencas wear flowers in their hair?.

It turns out that the flamenco dress in its origins was worn mainly at the Feria de Abril, which at first was a cattle fair, which meant bad smells and insects everywhere.

The easiest way to cover up those bad smells was with the presence of flowers, so Andalusian women began to use them in their hair, as a way to mask the smell of the fair, being in turn an element that looked so pretty that it ended up becoming a beautiful custom.

What are the most commonly used flamenca flowers?

Now that we know the origin of this tradition, let’s see which are the most used flamenca flowers the most used flamenco flowers and their respective colors are:

1- Carnations

Carnations are very Spanish flowers, and although flamencas often use red carnations flamencas tend to use red carnations in their hairstyles in their hairstyles, you will create very nice effects by combining bouquets of different colors, for example combining red and white carnations or with different shades.

2- Roses

Roses are another of the most commonly used flamenco flowers. give the dancer a very seductive air of femininity and sensuality.It is well known that the rose is the flower of passion (and if there is one thing the dancers show on the tablao, it is passion). Just like carnations, several can be combined in the same hairstyle, but, a single large red rose is one of the most stunning looks we can wear. we can wear.

3- Peonies

Peonies are flowers very similar to carnations, but with an even more delicate air, They are known for being the pinnacle of romanticism. and are usually light pink in color. While roses add a sensual touch to your look, peonies will make you look more sober, sweet and elegant.

How to wear flamenco flowers with artfulness

Just as there are some flamenco flowers more used than others, there are also specific ways to use them in the hair. there are specific ways to use them in the hair, and while you can create the combinations you want, you will love to know the mostAnd while you can create any combination you want, you will love to know the most common ones when you want to play it safe:

  • Single large flower on top of the headThis is the common way to wear flamenco flowers. To do this, gather all the hair and place the flower on the top of the head, it will help you gain centimeters and it is advisable to use a large flower.
  • On the sideThey are usually used with a side bun, as they adhere to it to give it more volume, vivacity and beauty. You can use one large flower or several smaller ones, creating beautiful combinations.
  • Flower crownThis is one of the most modern ways of using flamenco flowers, it consists of creating a diadem or crown with several flowers of medium-small size.

Recommendations for choosing your flamenco flowers

Now that you know what are the most used flamenco flowers and how to wear them for a 10 for a perfect hairstyle, there is only one key point to make your style perfect Choose the best flowers!

  • Better if they are natural flowersFlamenco is life, joy and passion and plastic flowers cannot transmit that.
  • Choose the right size: Although tradition dictates that the size of the flowers should be between 12 and 16 cm, it all depends on the hairstyle you want. If you will only use one large flower, it is best to follow this basic rule.
  • Buy them the same dayThe day before or at the latest the day before to make sure they look fresh. If they are flowers from your own garden, all the better!
  • Choose the color based on your dressso you will achieve a harmonious look with which you will feel comfortable, the ideal is that they also combine with the manila shawl and the flamenco earringseither by harmony or by contrast.

If now that you know everything about flamenco flowers you want to continue learning about this beautiful art, the best thing to do is to see a live flamenco showTo really get to know it, you have to live it! We are waiting for you at Alegría, Flamenco y Gastronomía in Calle Vélez, Málaga, 6..


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