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Flamenco is an art that many people live, regardless of their origin. This is thanks, in large part, to the hard work and dedication of Andalusian flamenco artists who shared and share their art.

Some time ago we dedicated an article to the best flamenco guitarists of history. Today we want to remember these cantaoresboth those who are no longer with us and those who are still active, recognizing their work in this list of the best known Andalusian flamenco artists.

Camarón de la Isla

Many consider him the best flamenco singer in the history of flamenco. Camarón de la Isla, born in 1950 in Cádiz and whose original name was José Monge Cruz, was one of the most influential and revolutionary artists of the flamenco genre..

From a very young age he demonstrated his talent, and won his first prize at the age of 16. In the 1970s his career really took off. From then on, and accompanied by the famous Paco de Lucía, he broke many schemes and released several albums.

This flamenco legend died in 1992 in Barcelona, at only 42 years of age, due to lung cancer. There is no doubt that, despite dying at a very young age, he left a legacy that has endured and will endure in flamenco.

Manolo Caracol

Manolo Caracol, or Manuel Ortega according to his birth certificate, was a well-known flamenco very well known flamenco singer in the middle of the last century.. He was born in Seville in 1909 into a family of artists, which helped him to pursue his dream and to be able to dedicate himself to flamenco.

He started singing at a very young age, winning awards since he was 12 years old. Throughout his professional career he released several albums, collaborated with artists such as Lola Flores and toured internationally.

In the 1960s he created the tablao Los Canasteros in Madridto which he dedicated the rest of his life. This place was a meeting point for the best known flamenco artists in Spain. Manolo Caracol died in 1973 in a car accident.

La Niña de los Peines

Pastora Pavón was better known as La Niña de los Peines and was one of the best known one of the most famous flamenco singers in the history of flamenco.. He was born in Seville in 1890 and died in 1969.

He made his debut when he was only 8 years old at the Seville Fair and in 1901 he moved to Madrid. She was known by that nickname because she often performed tangos that talked about combs in their lyrics.

He published several records and popularized the “Lorqueñas”. She was related to musicians of the stature of Manuel de Falla and was also a friend of Federico García Lorca, who even mentioned her in his works. She married another famous singer, Pepe Pinto.

Such was the talent of La Niña de los Peines that her recordings have been that her recordings have been declared an Asset of Cultural Interest by the by the Government of Andalusia.

Enrique Morente

Enrique Morente was a flamenco singer especially known for transforming or, at least, renewing this genre.. Like the rest of the protagonists of this list, he began his artistic career very early, singing in venues in his hometown, Granada.

He was born in 1942 in the Albaicín neighborhood, although at the age of 15, when he was still known as Enrique el Granaíno, he moved to Madrid to continue developing his passion: flamenco singing.

As she consolidated as an artist, she created her own style, adapting poems and songs of international singers to flamenco and also doing a lot of fusion with other musical styles. fusion with other musical styles..

He went on to create pieces for film, television, and theater and won several awards throughout his professional career. This rebellious cantaor passed away in 2010, leaving a great musical legacy and passing on his passion for flamenco to his daughter, the famous Estrella Morente.

They are not all who are, but they are all who are. We know that we could lengthen the list of flamenco artists flamenco artists andalusians that have marked this genre. Andalusia has produced great singers over the years. However, we have chosen some of the most emblematic, well-known and/or revolutionary ones.

Fortunately, today we still have very talented singers and, at Alegría Flamenco & Gastronomía we are fortunate to be able to see them on our stage every week.

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