Flamenco in Malaga

Show every day of the week: 18:00h*, 20:00h* and 22:30h*.

(*)Optional lunch

Flamenco show

Shows every day.

Introduction to Flamenco

Immersive experience.

Upcoming shows

A different daily show that is renewed every week with a commitment to diversity and quality.

The true essence of this art , declared Intangible Heritage of Humanity by Unesco.

Flamenco show

Alegría Flamenco & Gastronomy, offers a wonderful scenic space where the sound of the guitar, the singing and the dancing shine. Passion and Art in an authentic and elegant atmosphere.


Our restaurant is designed to combine entertainment with an incomparable gastronomic experience. With a menu of products that you will remember

The place has a large terrace overlooking the Pompidou Center, an indoor lounge and two private rooms with capacity for 70 people each.

Group events

Group events

Alegría Flamenco y Gastronomía has a large space of 500 m2 distributed in 3 rooms that allow the celebration of all kinds of events, both social and corporate.

Group events

360º Experience Packs

Immerse yourself in the art of flamenco and the culture of Malaga like never before. Enjoy our unique packs:

  • Tuk Tuk-i Tour + Flamenco
  • Boat Excursion + Flamenco Show
  • Initiation to Flamenco + Show

An a unique

A different program every week: from Monday to Sunday

Artists with an extensive national and international professional career.

Gastronomic and cultural experience fused in the same space.

Free cancellation with 24 hours notice.


A team made up of first class artists with great national and international repercussion. Vibrate with the essence of each flamenco rythm

Interactive Center

And also, the best initiation to flamenco in Malaga.

Every day at 4pm

An exciting and sensitive space, where you will discover the origins and history of this art, you will learn its different styles, and you will enjoy practicing the different rythms that compose it. A space designed for the “INITIATION TO FLAMENCO”.

Lastest news

Malaga Flamenco Festival 2024

Malaga Flamenco Festival 2024

Andalusia is especially known for its culture and art. Flamenco is the most popular Spanish musical genre in this area, and it is one of the main tourist activities for all those who visit Andalusia. Malaga has a lot of flamenco culture and has some of the most...

Types of Flamenco Clapping

Types of Flamenco Clapping

Maybe you've ever been to see a flamenco show and noticed how the performers clap their hands on stage. You may have noticed how difficult it can be to keep up with them, because their execution is just as complex as it seems.   What are flamenco palmas? Flamenco...

What to see in the historic center of Malaga?

What to see in the historic center of Malaga?

Malaga is one of the most touristic cities in Spain. Not only that, it is also one of the oldest in Europe. But... Why is it so famous? Well, despite being a city popularly known for the sun, the beach, Malaga's gastronomyThe historic center of Malaga, the monuments...


Frequent visits

Should I make a down payment?

The tables are assigned in order of reservation. It can be ordered in our online shopping section.
As in a cinema or in a theater, the first positions to be assigned are those in the front row, then those in the second row and those in the aisles.
For this reason we strongly recommend you to book in advance if you want to enjoy the best flamenco show in Malaga.

Cosa devo fare se non riesco a prenotare online?

If for any reason you are unable to place your order online, please contact us through our contact form or call us at: +34 951 47 44 93 or info@flamencomalaga.com.

Should I choose the menu to order in advance?

It is not necessary. Once in the restaurant you can choose the menu you prefer. The menu is available on our website.

Where does the flamenco show take place in Malaga?

The show takes place in the theater hall.

The theater is a place for tourists?

For over ten years we have been offering Flamenco and Gastronomy to all art and culture lovers. Our house is a space open to all those who are looking for a unique experience in Malaga.

How far is the theater from the center of Malaga?

L'Alegría Flamenco y Gastronomía is only 15 minutes away from the historical center of Malaga. You can visit it after having visited the city or take a walking tour of Malaga to complete your day with an unforgettable cultural experience.

Ogni quanto si rinnovano gli spettacoli?

We renew our shows every week to offer an always diverse and exciting experience. Every week you can attend an authentic and unique flamenco show.