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Here we will keep you up to date on all the latest Alegria Flamenco and Gastronomy shows and events. You will find all the details about the artists who visit us as well as the programs and schedules, so that you don’t miss anything. In addition, we will also talk about the origin, evolution and the different styles of this art that has so many variants today.

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serranas del flamenco

Serranas: What is this flamenco song?

The serranas del flamenco are a type of cante of peasant atmosphere, whose themes allude mainly to the highlands, being...

que es el braceo flamenco

What is Flamenco Braceo?

Due to its structure, rhythm, style and character, flamenco dance is an artistic manifestation that combines singing, dancing and clapping....

que es el jaleo flamenco

El Jaleo Flamenco, discover this “palo” from Málaga

Who has never heard the expression “¡Olé!”? If you are looking for a technical definition of what is the Flamenco...

que son los cantes abandolaos

Cantes abandolaos in flamenco

The abandolaos del flamenco are a type of cante derived from the fandangos group, from which numerous styles have emerged,...

verdiales de malaga

The Verdiales of Malaga: what are they?

The Verdiales of Malaga are a very old cultural expression that is a real delight to see, especially because it...

Malagueñas, baile en Málaga

Las Malagueñas: what does this flamenco dance consist of?

The malagueñas as a dance are a traditional flamenco palo of Malaga which emerged in the early nineteenth century and...

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