18 December 2022

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The traditions must be preserved and from our tablao we want to show the most Christmas part of flamenco. For this we have had this wonderful show, where traditional Christmas carols are interpreted with singing, flamenco guitar, percussion and of course the star instrument.

The origin of the zambombas, comes mainly from Jerez de la Frontera where these parties are held since ancient times in the most gypsy and flamenco neighborhoods. They always arose in the private environment, in family gatherings, until later they went out to the street and to the theaters becoming shows.

@alejandroestratore is a great singer from Malaga and a lover of Jerez, since 2007 he has been performing his Christmas show where in addition to keeping in his repertoire the popular Christmas carols, he has been creating his own reaping success after success in the best theaters of the capital such as the Cervantes Theater in Malaga.

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No lunch
Lunch à la carte at 13h30
Special Christmas Show Zambomba Flamenca Alejandro Estrada at 15h00
It lasted 60 minutes.