Are you looking for a unique place to enjoy live flamenco art?

Come and visit us at the tablao Alegria Flamenco!

Our tablao is a scenic space that allows artists to share their art in an intimate and close way with the public. Every week we offer a different quality program, with first class artists and great national and international impact that will show you the essence of each flamenco style.

In our shows, you can enjoy guitar, singing and dancing, the main elements of flamenco. The guitar is the instrument that accompanies singing and dancing, and is responsible for creating the atmosphere and rhythm of the show. Cante is the voice that conveys the emotions and feelings of flamenco, and dance is the means by which they express themselves. Each artist expresses their feeling and shares their sensitivity with others, creating an explosion of emotions that will make your heart vibrate.

In the tablao Alegria Flamenco, you can enjoy different flamenco styles, each with its own personality and characteristics. Cante jondo is the deepest and most emotional, and is characterized by its intensity and lyrical content. The bulería is a cheerful and lively stick, and is characterized by its accelerated pace and its fast and precise movements.

The sevillana is a very popular and cheerful style, and is characterized by its marked rhythm and colorful costumes. The fandango is a very expressive and passionate style, and is characterized by its rhythm and lyrical content.

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The shows of the tablao Alegria Flamenco are held from Monday to Sunday, with sessions of 60 minutes. In addition, our tablao has a wide selection of typical dishes of Mediterranean cuisine, prepared with fresh and seasonal ingredients and using innovative cooking techniques such as “Sous Vide” and a charcoal-powered ceramic oven called Kamado. Thus, you can enjoy a unique culinary and cultural experience in the same place.

Come and visit us and live a unique and unforgettable experience in the tablao Alegria Flamenco. We are waiting for you!

The shows are from Monday to Sunday sessions of 60 minutes.

Consult – schedules – special on our website and social networks. If you want to dine you can book in our restaurant to eat a la carte or with the selection of the chef’s menus. See the menu