Alegría Flamenco & Gastronomía is a company that offers flamenco shows in Malaga.

The company is based on the experience acquired during the last eleven years in the Tablao Jardines de Zoraya, an old Carmen remodeled as a flamenco performance hall in Granada. The company wants to follow the tradition of Malaga’s golden years, when the city was an important cultural center and flamenco stars were very popular.

To do this, they program every week artists of great prestige in the world of flamenco and with years of experience in the country and abroad. They accompany the cultural experience with a gastronomic proposal that includes local products and modern trends in the kitchen. The company feels privileged to be part of the cultural and gastronomic offer of Malaga and to be able to share its love for flamenco and the Mediterranean diet, declared Intangible Heritage of Humanity in 2010.

We are good lovers of flamenco -and culinary delicatessen- and that is why we have set ourselves the goal of continuing to offer these two pleasures, this time in the center of Malaga, at the foot of the Costa del Sol.

In addition, we have extensive experience in the catering and flamenco sector. We have been working in these fields for more than 20 years and have acquired a wealth of knowledge and skills that allow us to offer a high quality service to our customers.

Another of our main differences is our commitment to innovation and continuous improvement. We are constantly looking for new ways to improve our service and our products, and we are open to receiving and considering feedback from our customers. We know that the opinion of our customers is very important and that is why we value every comment or assessment they make to us, as it helps us adapt to the needs and expectations of our customers and improve immediately.

In short, we are differentiated by our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction, our extensive experience in the sector and our commitment to innovation and continuous improvement. We strive to provide exceptional service to each of our clients and are willing to do everything we can to make your experience with us unforgettable.

We are a company committed to excellence and customer satisfaction, with extensive experience and dedication to innovation. We offer high quality services and products and value the opinion of our customers. Our goal is to offer exceptional service and make our customers’ experience with us unforgettable.